Chapter 2: Sharing The Secret

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: March 30, 2007


Summary: Now that the battle with the Master is over, Daggeron must find his missing family.  But what if they were right under his nose the entire time?  Shocking revelations come that could split the Mystic Force forever.

Rated: T for now

Ships: NM, VX, CC, UL, DOC


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AN: So the fun begins, stuff is revealed, and yeah, the plot thickens.  Thanks for reading!




Daggeron lay on the pallet on the floor, staring into the fire.  The purple witch had told him what had happened to his wife and his unborn children.  During her fight with Calindor, Elektra had been injured and then she’d fled.  No one had known where she’d gone and no one had heard from or about her since.  ‘She’s still alive, I’d know if she was dead’ he thought.  His thoughts then turned to his children.  ‘I hope they had a good life’ he prayed as he started to fall asleep.  ‘The ocean and the wind, just like Maddy and Vida.’




Alexander Rocca frowned as his daughter’s boyfriend sped down the street on his motorcycle.  He’d been surprised to find Maddy and Nick asleep on the swing, and then his daughter had told him what had occurred earlier in the night with his wife.  Ella had never had an episode like that and he knew it must have been bad to shake his unshakable girls.  He was only so thankful his youngest three had been in another room and hadn’t been panicked.  Shaking his head, Alex headed up to the master bedroom to check on his wife.


He found Ella sitting on their bed, flipping through a photo album, one he knew had pictures of Maddy and Vida when they were little - from the time they were born until they were just starting school.  “Hi,” he whispered, leaning over to kiss her.


“How was your meeting?” Ella asked.


“Not anywhere as exciting as your night.”


Ella gave him a look that spoke volumes.  “The girls blew it out of proportion.”


Alex gave a laugh and started getting ready for bed.  “Ella, our girls don’t blow things out of proportion.  They’re the two most level-headed young women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.”


“I know I scared Maddy.”


“I know.  I talked to Nick before he left.  Vida’s freaked out too.”


“I don’t know how or why it happened,” Ella tried to explain.


Alex sighed as he slid into bed and pulled her into his arms.  “Maybe you should go to the doctor?”


“And tell him what?  I had a vision and nearly passed out?  What’s he going to tell me?” Ella huffed.


“Honey, what if it’s your memories coming back?”


Ella’s gray eyes widened in shock.  She hadn’t thought about that being a possibility.  “Why now?’


Alex sighed.  “I don’t know, sweetheart, I don’t know.”




“You two look like death warmed over,” Jenji commented when Maddy and Vida entered Rootcore.


“That’s about how we feel,” Vida grumbled.


“Long night?” Clare asked, careful not to upset either of them.  Maddy wasn’t prone to lashing out, but Vida had been known to once in a while.


Maddy sunk down on her chair at the crystal ball table and sighed.  “Did Nick tell you what happened last night?”


“He mentioned something happened to your mom,” Clare shared.


“That’s putting it mildly,” Vida sighed, sinking down into her chair as well.


“Good afternoon,” Udonna called out as she and Lianbow entered.  “How are the two of you feeling?”


“Tired,” the girls responded, yawning.


Udonna moved to study them both.  Vida was tired, but vibrating with pent up energy and Madison seemed listless and lethargic.  “I want you to go up stairs and rest, Madison.  Vida, come with me.”  The girls made to protest by Udonna’s facial expression stopped them in their tracks.  “Don’t argue, just do as I say.  Lianbow, will you get Madison settled in while I see to Vida?”


The Red Wolf nodded and reached out for his charge’s hand.  Madison essayed a smile in his direction, took his hand, and let him lead her from the room while Vida moved to follow Udonna.




Maddy smiled when Lianbow led her into Nick’s room.  “Into bed, Little Mermaid,” he murmured, pulling the covers back.  Maddy shucked her sweatshirt and tennis shoes before crawling under the familiar scented covers.


“Where’s Nick?” she yawned.


“Exercising Fireheart; go to sleep, Maddy,” he told her.  As she drifted off, he leaned down and kissed her forehead.  “Sleep tight.”




Vida was surprised when she and Udonna stopped in one of the clearings near Rootcore.  Udonna spoke quietly, her voice lifting in a spell Vida couldn’t decipher.  Before the former Pink Ranger could blink, she was in an alternate dimension like the ones Daggeron used to train the team.


“Go ahead and let it all out,” Udonna urged her.


Vida looked confused.  “Huh?”  Udonna gave her a look that said everything the White Ranger was thinking.  Closing her eyes, Vida let the control she had carefully crafted around her powers go.  Her body instantly turned into a raging storm, the wind and rain blowing and soaking everything in sight, everything but Udonna.  The White Ranger wasn’t affected at all by the temper the former Pink Ranger was displaying.  After ten minutes, the storm had stopped and Vida returned to her normal form, looking extremely haggard.


“Feel better?” Udonna asked as they reappeared in the clearing.


“Surprisingly, yes,” Vida grinned, smoothing her hair out of her face.  “Now I’m just exhausted.”


Udonna smiled and wrapped an arm around Vida’s waist.  “Then let’s head back, and you can rest until the others arrive for your training session.”




Nick smiled as he kicked off his shoes and tossed his coat on his desk chair.  His dad had said a surprise was waiting in his room, so he’d hurried up.  He’d been particularly happy to find his girlfriend deeply sleeping in his bed.  Quietly, he padded over to his bed and crawled under the covers with her.  “Hi,” she murmured, snuggling close to him.


“I thought you were sleeping,” he softly teased.


“I was until the room got warmer.”


Nick chuckled.  One side effect of his training Fireheart was the excess amount of heat he put off thanks to his powers.  “Sorry.”


“It’s okay,” she yawned.  “Is Vida back yet?”


“Yeah.  She’s sleeping in Clare’s room.  Xander and Chip are heading up to check on her now.”


“Dad made Mom go to the doctor today,” she told him, switching topics.  She knew her sister was in good hands with their two best friends.


“Good,” he yawned, closing his eyes and starting to slip into sleep.


Sensing his intent, Maddy let her worry go, and focused on the wonderful sensation of butterflies she felt in her stomach as he held her.  It happened every time he held her, and she prayed there was never a day in the future where she didn’t feel this way with him.




Vida stared at the ceiling in Clare’s room and smiled.  The sorceress had enchanted the space above her bed so that shooting stars, planets, moons, and various other cosmic things floated about, rotated, etc.  It was serene and helped calm Vida a bit more.


She’d been tired when Udonna had brought her up, but now, a half hour later, she was wide awake.  The soft knocking on the door caught her by surprise.  Without missing a beat though, she called out, “Come in!”


“V, you awake?” Chip asked as he and Xander stuck their heads in.


“Come in,” she yawned.


The two boys came in, with Chip leaving the door open enough for them to hear if someone was coming.  “Udonna said she wore you out,” Chip teased as the two sat down on opposite sides of the bed Vida was lying in.


“Yeah,” Vida answered.  “I’ve never been that scared before, not even when we were facing the Darkness.”


“That’s because what we faced, we did so knowing we were putting ourselves in the line of fire, and we had control over the situation,” Xander told her, reaching out to wrap his arm around her shoulders.  He hid his surprise when she leaned against his shoulder.  “It’s different when it’s someone you love and you can’t do something about it.”


Chip nodded and carefully observed the two.  While he’d had a crush on Vida for years, it was only now that he saw where her feelings were.  She was falling for Xander and didn’t even realize it.  The former Yellow Ranger grinned knowingly, and then smiled wider when Clare came in the room carrying a tray of soup.  “Hungry Vida?” she asked.


“Thanks Clare,” Vida grinned at her, sitting up while the sorceress put the tray on her lap.


“Udonna asked that once you’re done, if you three would come downstairs.  She says Daggeron’s on his way back.”


“Will do,” Xander answered.


“I’ll come with you now; someone’s got to get Maddy and Nick up, or those two will sleep the afternoon away,” Chip told Clare, who grinned and nodded.


Vida shook her head and ate her soup while Xander sat next to her.  “He gets stranger and stranger as time goes on,” the former Green Ranger muttered.


“That’s Chip for ya,” Vida laughed.  “Besides, his strangeness got us through some really rough spots.”


Xander nodded.  “Yes, yes it did.  So, how are you feeling, really?”


The former Pink Ranger looked up at him, her dark eyes pools of worry and fear.  “I hate to admit it, but I’m scared.  Dad said we’re having a family meeting tonight to discuss what happened once he knows what the doctor said.”


“Then try not to worry until you know something’s wrong.  It could just be a one time thing,” he tried to reassure her.


“Or it could be something serious,” she argued.


“V, don’t invite trouble.  Just try to relax,” he whispered, reaching out to take her hand.  She looked up at him and could only sigh and nod.




“Welcome home,” Udonna greet when Daggeron walked into Rootcore.  The Rangers were all gathered around the crystal, studying spells with Lianbow and Clare.


“It’s nice to be home,” Daggeron smiled, and then frowned.  He didn’t want to talk about Elektra with the Rangers present, not until he’d had time to speak first with Udonna and Lianbow and figure out how to tell the five teenagers.


“They found out while you were gone,” Lianbow told him quietly.  “You need to lean a little, and they’re anxious to help.”


“Daggeron,” Maddy smiled at him as she moved from her spot next to Nick and Vida.  “Let us help, please?”


The Solaris Knight smiled and enfolded Maddy in a hug when the former Blue Ranger leaned against his shoulder.  “Alright,” he whispered.


“Tell us what you found out, but first, what was she like?” Vida started.


Daggeron sighed and moved to stand beside the table while Maddy sat down next to Nick and Vida again.  Udonna took her place next to Lianbow, the two wrapping their arms around each other’s waists.  Clare stood next to Chip and Jenji, while Vida, Xander, Madison and Nick all scooted closer together to listen to their mentor speak of his missing wife.


“Elektra was my life, even more so than being a knight,” he smiled, his eyes glazing slightly as he was thrust back into his past.  “We knew each other as children.  Her father and Lianbow’s were distant cousins.”


The Rangers remained quiet, watching the emotions play across Daggeron’s face.  “It was never one of those ‘instantly in love with each other’ kind of things, because Elektra was friends with Niella and Udonna and their parents made them avoid us boys at all costs, until Udonna started falling in love with Lianbow and he started training Calindor and I.”


“Then how did you fall in love?” Clare softly asked.


Daggeron smiled.  “Elektra wasn’t like your mother, Clare, or like Udonna.  She wasn’t a hereditary witch, and she had no aptitude for spells and incantations.  She was a fighter, quite literally.  She fought well enough that she bested both Calindor and I, and nearly bested Lianbow in hand to hand and swords.”


“Sorta like Nick did with you in bound combat?” Chip teased.


“Yes,” Daggeron told him, grinning.  “We also discovered she was a natural born healer.”


“How?”  This time it was Nick asking.


“Calindor and I were just starting to learn how to use our Ancient Mystic powers and ended up hurting each other pretty badly.  Elektra happened to be coming to seek out Lianbow and came upon the fight just as Calindor sent me flying into a tree.”


Lianbow stepped in then.  “We thought we were going to lose him.  We were out in the forest, far away from any healers, and neither Udonna nor Niella were with us.”


The Rangers winced.  “Oh, that’s not good,” Xander uttered.


“No, it wasn’t.  I wasn’t proficient enough in healing spells, not like either of the girls, and Calindor had no real magical talents other than his Ancient Mystic powers,” Lianbow explained.


“But as luck would have it, Elektra was there to save me,” Daggeron told them.  “She had her hands on my chest, and she was pretty frantic about trying to keep me awake.  The next thing we knew, she was glowing silver and my body was mending.”  Daggeron turned and strode away from the table to face the wall, trying to reign in his emotions.  “For a week afterward, she came by to see me, to make sure I was healing properly.  Somewhere in the course of that week, I fell in love with her.”


“Little did he know she’d been in love with him for years before that,” Udonna announced, smiling at him.  “All she ever use to talk about was Daggeron this and Daggeron that.  I thought for sure at one point her father was going to send her away.  Instead, he let her marry Daggeron.”


The Rangers smiled and chuckled as Daggeron blushed.  “Yes, he did.  I courted her for nearly two years.  We were married shortly after Udonna and Lianbow had married and we found out Udonna was carrying you, Nick.”  Nick blushed while Chip and Xander teased him.  “You were about four or so months old when the final battle began.  The information I’ve found out on my trip…” he paused, swallowing.  “Apparently while I was trying to find a safe haven for you, and your parents and the Mystics were fighting off the Master and his forces, Elektra was busy gathering a secondary group of warriors when they stumbled on Calindor, who as you know turned traitor and became Imperious.”


“What happened?” Maddy’s soft question broke the silence that had followed.


“No one else was skilled enough, or strong enough, to fight him, so Elektra took him on, by herself.  According to most people, she was injured in the fight and took refuge somewhere, but they don’t know where.”


Udonna’s face looked pale and alarmed.  “Daggeron, what aren’t you telling us?”


The Solaris Knight looked up at his wife’s best friend and struggled for control.  “Elektra was pregnant when the final battle began.”


The White Ranger’s face crumpled into one of extreme grief.  “I knew she’d suspected, I didn’t know she’d found out.”


“She went to speak with the midwife known as the Purple Witch.  She’s the woman I spoke with.  Do you two remember the prophecy surrounding The Light, the one we never deciphered?” Daggeron asked Lianbow and Udonna, who nodded.


“Of course, why?”


“The Bright Light Water Sprite was to give life to the Wind and the Ocean, two of the warriors who were to fight beside The Light.”


“Elektra Nixie,” Udonna gasped.


“Huh?” Chip butted in.  “What do you mean?”


“Elektra Nixie is her full name, it means bright light water sprite,” Lianbow explained, his arm tightening around Udonna.


Maddy’s mouth dropped open as the Rangers turned back to face Daggeron.  “And you said she was pregnant when she disappeared?”


Daggeron nodded.  “The Purple Witch said she was carrying my children.”


“Twins?” Vida gasped.


Clare stood next to Jenji who had remained silent through the whole explanation.  “Jenji, what’s wrong?” she asked him softly.


“I had a thought, but it’s nothing,” Jenji told her.  “It’s not like it could be possible.”


The young sorceress stared at him, filing the comment away for later examination.


“Yes, twins,” Daggeron breathed.  “No one knows what happened to her, or them.  Many say she died, others said she disappeared to parts unknown.”


Nick stood up from his chair and moved to stand with Daggeron.  “You helped me find my family, and my destiny.  I’m going to help you find yours.  We’ve already started looking in the human realm; if she’s there, we’ll find her.”


Daggeron smiled sadly when the other four younger Rangers came and stood with Nick, presenting a united front to the seasoned warrior.  “Thank you,” he spoke, emotion causing his voice to come out in a near whisper.




Ella sighed and sat on the examine table waiting for the doctor to come in and talk with her.  Knowing it was going to take a while, she leaned back and closed her eyes, hoping to catch a few moments of rest.


“What’s your name?” a young man with jet black hair and piercing brown eyes asked.


She cringed away from him.  “Go away!  You can’t have my babies!”


He looked at her and smiled.  “I’m not going to take your babies.  I’m a volunteer here at the hospital.  I’m Alex, what’s your name?”


She began to cry harder then, her body shaking with powerful tremors.  “I don’t know my name.”


Alex’s face softened.  “It’s okay.  I’ll help you find it.”


Letting out a deep breath, Ella blinked back tears.  Alex had come to see her every day after that.  When he’d first met Vida and Maddy, she’d watched him fall in life right before her eyes.  She’d known he loved her girls long before she’d known he loved her.


In the nearly nineteen years since, Alex had helped her adjust to never knowing her past and not knowing who the biological father of her children was.  She knew Alex had had moments over the years where he remembered the girls weren’t biologically his, but they had been far and few between.  She loved him all the more for never having treated the girls different than their younger siblings.  Her daughters had grown up never knowing their father wasn’t really their father.


“Mrs. Rocca.”


Ella turned her attention to her doctor.  “Doctor Evans.”


“How are you feeling, Ella?”


“I feel fine; Alex insisted I come.”


Dr. Evans gave her a look.  “I talked to him this morning.  He said he thinks your memories are starting to come back.  What do you think?”


Ella laughed.  “I’m getting old; I’ve got five kids and a household to run on top of a stressful job?”


“How about we run some routine tests, rule out everything we can and go from there?”


“You’re the doctor.”




Maddy kept eyeing Vida as they helped A.J. set the table for dinner.  Vida’s face was perfectly composed.  Neither of them wanted to worry their siblings, but they knew A.J. knew something was wrong.  “Is Mom okay?” he asked.


“Why do you ask?” Maddy responded, setting the glasses on the table before filling them with water.


“She passed out in the hallway last night, I’m not stupid.”


Vida gave him a look and nudged him so he’d keep placing the silverware and napkins down.  “We never said you were, Squirt.  As far as we know, she’s fine.  Dad made her go to the doctor this morning.”


“You don’t think she’s pregnant again, do you?” he asked.  Maddy and Vida looked at each other, having realized they hadn’t thought of that.


“Who knows?”


A.J. nodded.  “I guess that means we’re having a family meeting tonight, huh?”


Maddy smiled and slid her arm around him.  “Yep.  Come on, time to wash up.”




The Rocca family dinner table was deathly silent for the first time in a long time.  Alex, Vida and Maddy ate quietly while Ella picked at her food.  A.J., Celeste and Bobby were quiet as well, but fidgety.


“Are you going to tell us what’s wrong?” A.J. finally spoke up, directing his question to his mother.


Maddy’s eyes widened, Vida smiled, and their father shot him a stern look.  “Celeste, Bobby, are you done?” Ella asked the two younger children.


“Yes Mommy,” Bobby grinned.


“Yes,” Celeste whispered.


“Then take your plates into the kitchen and you may go watch television until it’s time for your baths.”


The two scampered from the table, leaving their older siblings staring at their parents in worry.  “Mom?” Vida ventured.


“I want to discuss this with you three first, because you’re old enough to understand,” Ella started, setting her fork on the table and looking up at her children.  The three Rocca siblings tensed, wondering what horrible thing could be wrong with their mother.  “The doctor said physically nothing is wrong with me,” she explained to them, watching them sigh in relief. 


Alex nodded so she continued.  “Dad and I have been keeping something from you, that until now, has never been an issue.”


The three of them tensed again.  “You’re pregnant?” Maddy asked.


Ella laughed.  “No.  The doctor thinks my memories are coming back.”


“Memories?” A.J. murmured.


“When I was a little older than Vida and Maddy, I woke up in the hospital with no memory of who I was or of my life before that moment.”


The three teenagers stared at her in shock.  “What?” Vida gasped.


“I was in the hospital, looking like I’d been beaten up, and I was pregnant but I had no idea who I was or where I came from.  I delivered you and Maddy a week after I woke up.”


Forks hit plates and Maddy and Vida stared at their mother in horror.  “How?” Maddy uttered.


Alex reached out to his daughter and took her hand.  “Let her finish.”


“I met your dad a couple of weeks later.  He was a volunteer as part of his community service for his fraternity.”


“You mean Dad’s not our real father?” Vida almost hollered as the storm of emotion began to rage inside of her.


Ella blinked back the tears.  “For all intense purposes, he’s your father.  Biologically, I don’t remember who the man who helped conceive you is.  I’ve never gotten my memories back, and we never found a missing person report that matched my description.”


Vida silently pushed away from the table and ran while Maddy stared at her plate.  “I always knew you two were weird, now I have confirmation,” A.J. muttered.


Maddy just looked at her brother in hurt and contempt while their mother cried and their father glared at him.  “Alexander James, this is hard enough without your smart comments.  Finish your dinner then go to your room.”


A.J. swallowed and nodded.  “Yes sir.”


“Maddy?” Alex started.


“I’ll go look for her,” Maddy murmured, getting up from the table and rushing out after her sister.




Xander sighed heavily as he trudged through the forest.  Vida hadn’t been at any of her regular haunts, and the others had headed back to Rootcore to talk to Udonna about finding her.  Xander had a pretty good idea about where to find her; he was sure he’d find the wayward Rocca sister with Phineas.  All five of them seemed to find their way to their Troblin friend over the last year whenever they found themselves in need of advice.


Phineas’ voice could be heard along the trail, but no one responded to his comments.  When Xander got to the Troblin’s camp, he saw Phineas kneeling before Vida, who had her arms wrapped around her legs, which were pulled to her chest, and her chin was resting on her knees, her eyes closed.  “Cheer up, Vida.  It’s not that bad,” Phineas told her.


“Everything they’ve told me about my family is a lie.  It can’t get much worse.”  The Troblin noticed Xander and patted Vida’s shoulder before moving away from her.  “Go away Xander.  I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Then we won’t talk about it,” Xander told her.  “You’ve got Maddy scared out of her mind though.”


Vida’s hurt filled eyes opened and rose to meet his calm ones.  “They lied to us; he’s not our father.”


“No, biologically, he’s not, but he’s your dad.  He’s the one that was at all the doctor’s appointments, the recitals, the parent-teacher conferences.  He’s the one who taught you to ride a bike, to climb a tree, to shoot hoops.  He was there for your first words, your first steps.  He kissed your skinned knees and soothed your first broken heart.  He’s been there, V, don’t hold a little thing like biology against him.”


“I want to know who my real father is, Xander.  It feels like a piece of me is missing now.”


“I know, but I want you to think about this long and hard,” he spoke slowly, making sure she was paying close attention to him.  “You need to weigh finding your father with the effects it’s going to have on your family, not just you.”


Vida nodded.  “I know.”


Xander reached out a hand to her and smiled when she took it.  “Come on, Maddy’s worried and Nick’s going to have your head if she keeps crying the way she was when I broke off from the group.”


Sighing, Vida let him lead her back along the trail to Rootcore and her sister.