Chapter 3: Turn For The Worst

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: April 1, 2007


Summary: Now that the battle with the Master is over, Daggeron must find his missing family.  But what if they were right under his nose the entire time?  Shocking revelations come that could split the Mystic Force forever.

Rated: T for now

Ships: NM, VX, CC, UL, DOC


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“It’s been nearly a week,” Nick started as the five cleared up the store in their nightly routine.


“You think this is bad?” Maddy almost snapped, her voice cracking at the end.  “Try living with her.  She hasn’t said more than one word answers to Mom or Dad since they told us.”


The four looked over to the D.J. Station where Vida was putting away the records she’d used that night.  “I can’t even get her to laugh, which is a first,” Chip muttered.


“Has Daggeron had any more luck looking for Elektra?” Xander asked Nick, trying to change the subject.


The former Red Ranger shook his head.  “I don’t think so.  Mom and Dad have been closed up in the library with him every free moment, trying every spell they can think of to find her.”


The other three shook their heads.  “Have you had any luck finding your birth father?” Xander quietly asked Maddy, who was cashing out the register.


“You’d have to ask Vida,” Maddy responded, almost angrily.  “I’m playing peace keeper; trying to help her but also keep things normal with our parents.”


Chip smiled, Xander nodded, and Nick rubbed a hand down her back in a show of support and affection.  “Are we ready?” Vida asked when she approached.


“Xander’s got to balance the register with Toby, and then we’re good,” Nick told her.


“You guys go ahead, I can handle everything,” Toby assured them, poking his head out of the office.


“Anybody hungry?” Chip asked as they made their way outside.


“Maddy and I have a date,” Nick smiled, making Maddy blush and nod.


“What about you guys?” Chip asked Vida and Xander.


“V’s dragging me to the library to do more research,” Xander smiled.


Vida glared at him.  “If you don’t want to go then just say so,” she growled.


Xander shot her a smile.  “And deny you my sparkling presence?”


“I can do it on my own!” she hissed.


Maddy sighed and moved toward Nick’s bike, grabbing the extra helmet off it.  “See you guys later,” Nick spoke, joining his girlfriend before they rode off.


“I guess I’ll grab a pizza and go hang out with Clare,” Chip shrugged.  “By the way, V, your attitude sucks, and you’re hurting Maddy’s feelings.”  That said, Chip turned and headed down the street to the pizzeria.


Vida looked sad as chip walked away.  Xander noticed she’d gotten quiet and moved toward her.  “V?”


“They just don’t get it,” she muttered.


Xander’s face was serious and thoughtful.  “Maybe if you talked about it instead of tearing into everyone.”


Vida shook her head.  “I don’t get why I’m so obsessed with finding him.  It’s not as if he’s looked for us, or he’d have found us by now.”




2 Days Later


“I don’t understand,” Clare told Udonna as the two roamed the library for a list of books Udonna needed.


“What’s that, Child?” Udonna asked, stopping to pour over the book she had.


“Why hasn’t Elektra come to look for Daggeron?  Surely she’d know about the Rangers defeating the Master by now.”


Udonna’s face was grim.  “I have a feeling she may have blocked the final battle from her mind all those years ago, so she may not remember it, or she may think Daggeron’s dead.”


Clare’s face was sad.  “Between Daggeron searching for his wife and children, and Vida look for her and Maddy’s father, it’s a wonder we’re all still sane,” Clare uttered, causing Udonna’s head to snap up.  “Oh well, time to go feed Fireheart.”


Udonna stared at Clare’s retreating back.  The theory swirling in her head and the possibilities and implications it posed almost made her dismiss it as wishful thinking, but Madison and Vida’s information about their missing father was too hard to argue with, especially when she placed the information Daggeron had given her with it.


“Hi Udonna,” Madison greeted as she and Nick came in, carrying the picnic basket they’d borrowed.


“Mom, are you alright?” Nick asked, seeing her pale face and worried expression.


Madison, do you think your mother is up for a visitor?”


The former Blue Ranger looked startled.  “Probably.  Why?”


Udonna smiled.  “Call it a haunch.”




Vida and Xander quietly entered the Rocca household and headed for Vida’s room.  They were almost to the stairs when they heard a crash in the kitchen.  The pair rushed in and found Ella laying on the floor, dishes broken around her while glasses and silverware floated in the air above her head.


“What the hell!” Vida gasped.


“V, are you doing that?  Because I know I’m not,” Xander responded.


“It’s not me!” Vida hissed at him.


“Okay, then since when has your mum been able to do magic?”


Vida shook her head.  “Not a clue,” she muttered, moving forward to kneel next to her mother.  “Mom?”


“Must warn him,” Ella whispered.  Her eyes were staring straight ahead, unseeing.


“Mom,” Vida spoke louder, shaking her.


“NO!  DANGER AHEAD!” Ella yelled.  “Must warn him!” she cried out, thrashing.


“Mrs. Rocca?” Xander  asked, moving to kneel on her other side.


“Be gone vile creature!  Harm my love not!” Ella screamed, thrusting her hands up.  A blast of silver energy bursting from her palm, which threw Vida and Xander back away from her.


“Mom!” Vida all but screamed.


“Vida!” Maddy’s voice frantically called, followed by the sound of rushing footsteps.


“Kitchen!” Xander hollered back.  He and Vida struggled to sit up, watching in horror as Ella’s body began to lift on its own, a column of silver, black and purple light surrounding her.


“Holy crap!”


Maddy choked back a scream and Udonna grabbed her hand.  “Nick, keep Madison back!  Xander!  Grab Vida!” Udonna ordered.


Xander did as told and pulled Vida back toward Nick and Maddy once he got to his feet.  Udonna surged forward and held out her hand.  Sparks of white shot out, surrounding Ella in a column of ice.


“Mom!” Maddy and Vida cried out together, struggling against the boys’ hold on them.


Seconds later, they were all gasping when the ice shattered and Ella was revealed, her body clothed in a silver, black and deep purple gown.  The former Rangers gasped again and Udonna smiled sadly.  “Elektra.”


Maddy and Vida’s heads snapped up while Nick and Xander held them, looking shocked as hell at the named Udonna had spoken.




Alex Rocca sped home as fast as he could after Nick had called him saying Ella had had another episode.  He was surprised when he entered the house and found A.J., Celeste, Bobby, Nick, Xander and Chip sitting and two unfamiliar men pacing near the stairs.


“Dad!” A.J. called out happily.


“Mr. Rocca,” Nick started.


“Who are they?” he asked, pointing to the two men.


Nick bit his lip before sighing.  “My father, Lianbow, and Daggeron, our mentor,” Nick said, gesturing to himself, Xander and Chip.


“Where’s Ella?”


“Maddy, Vida and my mom took her upstairs.”


Alex calmed a little but was still worried.  “Are you three alright?” he asked his children.


“We’re fine.  Nick, Xander and Chip have been showing us magic tricks,” A.J. explained.


Alex nodded and turned for the stairs, only to be stopped by Lianbow.  “Udonna said for all of us to stay here, until she knows what’s going on.”


is your wife a doctor?” Alex barked.


Lianbow shoo his head.  “No, she’s a sorceress.”




Nick moved to them.  “Mr. Rocca, you might want to sit down.  We have a lot to tell you.”


“I want to see my wife!”


“Mr. R, please,” Chip pleaded.


Alex finally relented. Nodding as he moved to sit on the couch with his children.  “Well?”


“It all started with that big earthquake last year,” Xander started.  Two hours later, the boys finished their extraordinary story.  “And now, we’re still training with Lianbow and Daggeron, but we’re not active Rangers.”


Alex looked like he was skeptical of it all.  A.J., Celeste, and Bobby readily accepted the story.  “Nice fairytale, boys,” he muttered.  “Try again.”


The five Mystics shared a look before Nick nodded.  “MAGICAL SOURCE, MYSTIC FORCE!”


Alex’s eyes widened when three Mystic Rangers, the Red Wolf Knight and Solaris Knight appeared where the five men had been.  “COOL!” A.J. and Bobby laughed.


“Maddy and V can do that too?” Celeste softly asked, getting up to tug on Nick’s cape.


“Yep,” Nick told her, popping his helmet off.  “Maddy’s blue and Vida’s pink.”


“And your mom is white, right?” A.J. asked, remembering there had been a White Ranger in the final battle that had been broadcast on the news.  Nick nodded.


“What’s going on down here?” a new voice broke in.  Everyone turned to see Udonna, Maddy and Vida standing at the base of the stairs.


“We told your dad,” Nick told the girls.  “How’s your mom?”


Maddy smiled and wrapped her arms around Celeste, who’d rushed over to her.  “Sleeping.  Udonna gave her something for the aches and pains.”


“What happened?” Alex demanded.  Xander and Nick had told him what happened, but he wanted to hear it from the girls.


“Her memories have broken through the mental block she erected around them,” Udonna told him.  “Something triggered her powers.  Your kitchen may need remodeling, but she’s fine.”


“So it’s true?” Daggeron all but barked.  Lianbow and Chip moved to hold him back.


Udonna’s face turned pale as she turned to him.  “Yes.”


“What are you talking about?” Alex demanded.


“Ella’s real name is Elektra Nixie, and she’s Daggeron’s long lost wife,” Udonna explained.




Vida stepped forward then.  “Daggeron is my and Maddy’s biological father.




“Are you happy?” Daggeron asked softly.  He and his new bride lay in bed, cuddled close after a night’s worth of loving.


“Never have I been happier than right now,” she sighed softly.


“Enjoy it now, tomorrow we must begin training.”


She blew out a heavy breath.  “I’m scared.  Scared to lose all of you, especially now.”


“I know, I am as well, but we have the power of the Mystic Warriors on our side.”


“The Darkness will not know what arsenal we have until it is too late,” she smiled.


Daggeron grinned down at her, sliding a hand up her side to cup her breast.  “Let me love you?”






Ella could hear voices downstairs.  Alex’s angry voice reached her first, followed by a sorely missed one – Daggeron’s.  “Oh my love,” she whispered, her heart breaking.  She clenched her eyes shut when she heard Vida and Maddy’s strained voices.  “All this time, he’s been watching out for our girls, training them to hone their magic.”




Ella looked to the door.  “A.J.”


“Feeling better?” he asked, inching into the room but staying near the door.


“Yes Baby.”


“Are you really Elektra?  Are you really Daggeron’s wife?  Is he really Maddy and Vida’s dad?”


Ella gave him a look.  “Alexander James...”


“I’m just curious, Mom.”


“No matter what, they are still your sisters.”


“I know.  Will I be able to do magic like they do?”


Ella’s face took on a sad look.  “I don’t honestly know.  As Elektra, my magical ability was limited to healing people.  Maddy and Vida can do magic because they’re Power Rangers, and because of whom their father is.”


A.J. nodded.  “Wanna come downstairs?”


“If you’ll help me, I’d like that.”


It was slow going, but Ella and A.J. made it downstairs in about five minutes.  The scene before them was shocking – Daggeron was on one side of the room with Lianbow talking to him in a low voice while Alex was on the other side with Udonna.  Nick, Chip and Xander were standing near the fireplace while Madison and Vida were on the couch with Celeste and Bobby.


“I don’t care!  She’s my wife!” Alex yelled.


“That is enough!” Ella’s voice stopped all movement.  “Alexander Rocca, don’t you dare raise your voice again to guests in our home.”


“Ella,” Alex began to argue.


“A.J., Celeste, and Bobby, is all your homework down?”


“Yes Mom.”


“Then the three of you go outside and play until we get this straightened out.”  The three nodded and headed out the front door.  Maddy and Vida made room on the couch for their mother to sit down, to which Ella was grateful.  She sat down and let out a breath when both her girls leaned against her shoulders.


“Would you like us to leave?” Lianbow softly asked.


“No, Cousin,” Ella murmured, reaching a hand out to him.  She smiled when he came over and took it, before kneeling in front of her.  “You look well.”


Lianbow smiled.  “He buried me under the guise of Koragg for Twenty years.  Its taken a few months to get back to looking well, so I’ll take that as a compliment.”


Ella nodded.  “I remember seeing Koragg on the television, fighting the Mystic Rangers.  I’m sure it was nice for everyone when you returned home.”


“It was, only for me, it was a shock – my son was grown and I’d hurt him and my beloved beyond comprehension.  It’s been a struggle to get use to being a parent and a spouse again.”


Ella closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against his and soaking in the feeling of kinship she felt when she thought of him.  In a carefully measured voice, she told him, “He will need your understanding and experience in the days to come.”


Lianbow squeezed her hand.  “Welcome back, Cousin,” he told her softly, smiling.


Ella pulled back and smiled at him before turning her attention to Udonna.  “White Witch,” she teased, causing Udonna to smirk at her.


“You always loved to make a grand entrance.”


Ella nodded and then sobered.  “Niella?”


Udonna’s face crumbled, pain replacing the teasing nature that had been previously there.  “She’s gone,” she whispered.


“How?” Ella croaked out.


“Closing the gate killed her.  Clare has taken her rightful place as the Gatekeeper, and Mystic Mother has made her a full fledged sorceress.  You should see her, ma petite; she’s so much like Niella that it’s scary.”


Ella’s gray-black eyes were filled with pain and regret for words that would be left unsaid.  “So much has changed.  Why did I block my life out?” she murmured, pain lacing her voice.


“Because it was a time of war and you were injured,” Daggeron finally spoke up.


“Calindor betrayed…”


“We know,” Maddy started.  “He and Daggeron faced each other; he’s gone now.”


Ella’s eyes moved from her daughter to take in Daggeron, who stood with his hands behind his back and his legs braced.  “What happened?  I couldn’t find you, any of you?”


“He found me as I tried to hide Bowen.  We battled.  He was crazed, not himself.”


“I know,” Ella murmured, remembering how he’d been when she’d been fighting against him.  “Power that evil corrupts.”


“It does.  Our magics clashed and enchanted us.  He was turned into a mummy, and I a frog.”


Ella laughed at that.  “How’d you get free?” she asked, grinning wider when she saw the way Daggeron was smiling at her.  Madison, Vida, Chip, Xander and Nick burst out laughing at her question.  What’s so funny guys?”


Vida tugged on her mom’s hand, which made Ella turn in her direction.  “Remember that fairytale you use to read to me and Maddy, the one about how we’d have to kiss a frog to find out prince charming?”


“Vaguely,” Ella replied, starting to see where this was heading.


“I kissed the frog,” Maddy laughed.  “Only, instead of getting a prince, I got a knight.”


Ella’s eyes darted back and forth between her daughter and Daggeron to see if they were serious.  When she saw Daggeron nod, she brought a hand to her mouth.  “Oh my.”


“I overcame my fear of frogs when he saved me during a battle.  Next thing I know, I’m still unmorphed, only instead of staring at this slimy little frog who had saved me, I was staring up at this very tall man in weird clothes.”  Maddy grinned over at Daggeron, who shot her a look for the joke about his clothes before he blushed. 


Ella let out another laugh.  “Oh goodness,” she gasped.  “What I would have given to see that.”


“It was pretty funny,” Nick teased Maddy, leaning over the couch to kiss her cheek affectionately.


“Yeah, only after you stopped freaking out about Maddy being in the line of fire,” Xander teased.  “And now Chip and I can tease you, cause you got jealous of nothing…..Maddy was just kissing her dad!”


Nick scowled while the others chuckled, all except for Alex who sort of just stood there glaring.  Ella looked over her shoulder at Nick and grinned.  “So, Baby Bowen huh?” she teased.


Nick blushed.  “Yes Ma’am.”


Ella shook her head.  “So, obviously, you five took up the Mystics’ positions.  What are your designations?”


Nick smiled.  “Forceful as fire, Red Phoenix.”


“Fast as lightning, Yellow Garuda,” Chip announced.


“Strong as a tree, Green Minotaur,” Xander proudly told her.


Maddy shyly smiled.  “Fluid as the sea, Blue Mermaid.”


“Ever-changing as the wind, Pink Sprite,” Vida laughed.


Ella looked at each of them and was taken a back by how much they reminded her of the original Mystics, one of whom was standing in the room near the window grinning at her as he held his wife.  For a second, Ella’s eyes widened as she realized something.  ‘The Prophecy’ she thought, right before her eyes glazed over.


“I think it’s time to go,” Lianbow spoke up, the group realizing Ella was starting to look wary at the onslaught of information and memories.


Udonna moved to the back of the couch and touched Ella’s shoulders.  “We’ll come to visit soon,” she reassured her.


“And you’ve got to come see Rootcore!” Chip told her, bouncing in excitement.  “We’ve got a real dragon and everything!”


“The Fireheart?” Ella smiled when the others nodded in astonishment.  “I’ll hold you to that tour, Chip, and you introducing me to the last real dragon.”


While the kids were saying goodbye, Ella got up and moved with Alex to walk the others to the door.  “Thank you, Udonna,” Ella told her as the two embraced.


“Think nothing of it, ma petite,” Udonna smiled.  “Get some rest.”


Ella nodded and moved to hug Lianbow before turning to Daggeron.  There was so much tension and energy flowing between them that she wasn’t sure what to do.  “We need to talk, but nows not the time.”


Daggeron nodded and then brushed past her without a word.  Alex watched them before heading back inside.  “Goodnight boys!” Ella called as the trio of boys headed for Xander’s car. 


It took an hour, but A.J., Celeste and Bobby were finally put to bed, leaving Maddy, Vida, Ella and Alex in the living room to absorb the night’s events.  “Somebody say something,” Maddy started, her voice shaking with nervousness.  She could feel the tension in her parents, and her sister.


“I can’t believe its Daggeron,” Vida muttered in shock.  “All this time and he’s been right there with us, right under our noses.  No wonder your kiss freed him, Maddy, it’s cause you’re related.”


Alex stiffened at Vida’s words while Ella sat in a chair and tried to digest what had happened.  “I forbid you from seeing him, all three of you.”


Vida’s head snapped up while Maddy’s slowly came up.  Ella’s eyes opened as she took in her husband.  “Excuse me?” Vida snapped.


“You heard me, Vida.  For weeks, all his mere mention has done is disrupt this family.  You now have your answers, I don’t want to hear another word about him, nor do I want you seeing him, am I understood?”


“You can’t do that!” Vida argued.


“I am your father; I can do as I please.”


Ella and Maddy were too shocked to say anything.  “You’re only our father because our mother had amnesia for twenty years!” Vida hissed.


“The fact remains, you live under my roof and my name is on your birth certificate!” Alex roared angrily.


“Alex!” Ella finally found her voice.


“Be quiet Ella!  This is all your fault!”


“Don’t yell at my mother!” Vida hollered, her temper finally getting the better of her.  Without thinking, she jumped from her chair and whipped out her morpher, pointing it at Alex, her fingers hovering over the buttons.


“Vida!” Maddy gasped, jumping up.  Vida, put your morpher away!  Remember what Udonna, Lianbow and Daggeron have taught us about magic – ‘And it harm none!’”


Vida was shaking with anger.  “Let me remedy the situation,” she hissed as Alex looked at her for the first time with real fear.  “I’ll be back for my things tomorrow, and when I have the money, you can bet your ass your name will no longer be on my birth certificate.”


“You can’t do that!” Alex argued.  “I’m your father!”


“No, Daggeron is my father, and just watch me do it.”


Ella and Maddy watched as Vida stormed from the house.  They heard her truck start up before she pealed away from the curb.  Maddy turned to Alex and watched him with disbelief across her features.  “I can’t believe you!  Xander tried for a week to get her to see that despite the fact that you weren’t our biological father, you were still our Dad.  How could you?  This isn’t anyone’s fault except for the Darkness’!  If Calindor hadn’t hurt Mom, she would have never ended up in the human realm, and you wouldn’t have your children, any of them!”


Alex hung his head when Maddy ran from the room, her sobs echoing down the stairs to his ears.  “Alex, how could you?” Ella tried to grasp his actions.


“I’m losing my girls,” he brokenly replied.


“That’s not my or Daggeron’s fault.  You just lost them on your own.  Your jealousy of them having found their natural father clouded your judgment.  Don’t you think they had enough love for you both?” Ella asked, standing from her seat.  “You’d better start thinking of a way to make this right with them.”  That said, Ella headed upstairs to check on Maddy.


Alex sunk down on one of the chairs, his head in his hands.  “What have I done?”