Chapter 4: Safe Haven

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: July 2, 2007


Summary: Now that the battle with the Master is over, Daggeron must find his missing family.  But what if they were right under his nose the entire time?  Shocking revelations come that could split the Mystic Force forever.


Ships: NM, VX, CC, UL, DOC


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Nick was jolted out of bed when he heard the commotion drifting up from downstairs.  He quickly threw on a pair of sweats and a wife beater before heading downstairs.  When he entered the main room, he found Maddy being held by Daggeron as she sobbed loudly.


“Maddy!” Nick cried out, moving toward her.


Lianbow caught his son by the arm, shaking his head.  “Not now, Nick.”


“But Dad!”


Lianbow shook his head again.  “Go call Chip and Xander, Vida’s missing.”


Nick’s eyes widened.  “What?”


“She and Mr. Rocca had an argument.  Maddy says he forbid them from seeing or talking to or about Daggeron.”


The expression on Nick’s face said it all as he moved to the computer console to call his teammates.  Half an hour later, Chip was rushing in the door to help Clare track Vida’s morpher.  “Where’s Xander?” Daggeron asked.


“Looking for V; he thinks she might have ditched her morpher in her truck and taken off on foot.”  Chip was a little surprised to see his mentor cradling Maddy against him, but the former Yellow Ranger remembered what they’d learned that afternoon and suddenly it wasn’t so weird.


“Nick, will you care for Madison for me?  I’m going to go look for Vida,” Daggeron asked.


Nick nodded and moved over to where father and daughter stood holding onto one another.  Slowly, Daggeron transferred Maddy to her boyfriend’s arms.  Carefully, Nick picked her up princess style and left the room for his while Daggeron got ready to go.  “Daggeron?” Udonna called out to him.


“Have Chip let me know if you find her first, but I’m going to look for my daughter!” he called to her, rushing out.




Vida let out a shaky breath as she solidified into her normal form.  She’d never used her powers as long nor pushed herself as hard as she had to get where she was.  Shaking her head, she tossed the bag she’d had in her truck on the ground next to a tree before she plopped down herself and leaned against it.  “Stupid!” she hissed to no one in particular.  “I actually believed Xander was right when he said no matter what Dad was still my dad!  What a fool!”


She blinked back the tears, not wanting to cry because she saw it as a weakness, but for the life of her, she couldn’t stop the river that had decided to spring from her eyes.  Curling into a ball with her head on her bag, she sat there and cried her heartache to the world around her.




Maddy was only faintly aware of what was going on around her.  While she still felt the raging grief of not being able to find her sister, she also felt the warm, loving glow that she knew came from one place and once place only – Nick.  She struggled to open her eyes, only her lids felt like they were taped shut from the fatigue weighing on her body.  She stopped trying for a few moments and opened up her other senses.  She smelt the familiar smell of wood, aftershave, and candles and knew instantly that she was in Nick’s room.  She tried to move and felt two vices criss crossing her back, and knew that Nick held her to him.  She could hear the steady, comforting rhythm of the heart that beat under her ear, pumping his life’s blood through his veins while beating in a steady beat for her and her alone.


“Maddy?” he whispered into her hair, his lips caressing her forehead as she let her senses gather the information around her.  “Its okay, Maddy; Xander and your dad went to find V, and Chip and Clare are downstairs with Mom and Dad looking for her.  They’ll find her, I promise.”


“I’m so tired,” she managed to whisper.  “It’s been such a long year, filled with so many surprises, I just want to be normal for a while,” she almost cried.  “I know I’m not normal, not like I was just yesterday, or even this morning, but I want some normalcy.  I want to be able to go on a date with you, or hang out at the park, or spend time here at Rootcore and not have to worry about the next surprise that’s going to pop up and rock the foundation of everything again.”


She felt soothed when Nick’s gentle caress moved up and down her back.  “I know,” he spoke softly in her ear.  “I wish there was something I could do to make it better, but I don’t know what.”


“Nick?” she whimpered softly.


“Get some sleep, Maddy,” Nick told her in a calm voice, before leaning down and kissing her head.  Maddy snuggled close and let herself go, knowing she was more than safe.




Xander took a deep breath and centered himself as he moved from his car to the edge of the Dark Forest.  Kneeling down, he laid his palms flat on the ground and slowly opened himself to the Earth.  He felt every tree, every flower, and every blade of grass as he dug down deep.  He wavered when he felt the onslaught of the Earth but soon was able to focus his search to just the forest around Briarwood and Rootcore.  When he felt Vida’s presence, he sighed in relief.


Carefully, he pulled his powers back and focused on Vida where he’d found her, which was quite a ways away near the mountain where they’d first found Fireheart.  Smiling, he headed for the nearest tree and went into it.  Seconds later, he was hopping out of the tree next to where Vida as curled into a ball, asleep.


“Oh V,” he murmured, kneeling down next to her.  He reached a hand out and gently brushed her bangs back from her face.  He smiled when she leaned into his touch.


“Xander,” she moaned in her sleep, surprising the former Green Ranger.  Xander stumbled back and sat down, staring at her in shock.


“Vida,” Xander’s voice came out a little harder than he’d hoped.


“Hmmm…” she pouted, waking from her sleep.  “Xander?” she asked, clearly confused on how he could be with her.  “What the hell?”


“I ought to kick your ass, Vida Rocca.  You literally scared the crap out of all of us, especially Madison and your dad.”


Vida glared as she sat up abruptly.  “Alex Rocca is NOT my dad.”


Xander shook his head in disbelief at her attitude.  “Did I say Mr. Rocca?  NO, I believe I said your dad.”


The former Pink Ranger stared at him.  “I’m sorry, but if you only knew…”


“Don’t apologize when you don’t mean it!” Xander snapped at her.  “We’d have known, I’d have known, if you would have come to talk about it instead of taking off.  Maddy was damn near hysterical when she got to Rootcore.”


“Maddy needs to toughen up,” Vida muttered.


“You know what, FORGET YOU!” Xander finally yelled, startling Vida’s head straight up.  “For weeks, you’ve been hell bent on what you wanted, what you thought you needed to do for you, and damn everyone else around you, especially your sister, just as long as you got your way.  Well guess what?  You aren’t the only one affected by this or your actions!” he screamed.


Vida stared at him, wondering where this Xander had come from.  Her friend was normally had a very calm disposition, unless someone threatened one of his friends.  “Xander…”


“Don’t Xander me!” he yelled again.  “You’re almost eighteen, and you’re a former Power Ranger, why don’t you start acting your age!  BE AN ADULT!”


The former Green Rangers’ nostrils flared and his chest heaved as he stared at her.  Her head was bent and her hands were clenched into fists in her lap.  Shaking his head, Xander turned to leave, thinking there was no way he was going to put up with her attitude or selfish nature a moment longer.


“Xander, please, don’t leave me,” she shakily called out to him.


It wasn’t so much the words as it was the way she said them.  He spun back around just in time to see Vida look up at him, her face crumpled in tears.  “Oh Vida,” he whispered, kneeling next to her.  He hadn’t seen her cry since Maddy had collapsed in ninth grade and had to be rushed to the hospital to have her appendix taken out.


She stared at him, eyes filled with tears and tried to speak, but nothing would come out but body wracking sobs.  Before they knew it, Xander was pulling her into his arms, cradling her against him as she let out her heartbreak.  He had known the dam was cracking, and would break, he just hadn’t expected it to take so long, nor so far away from home.


Xander didn’t know how long they sat there, but when he finally did look up, it was close to dawn.  “Well, maybe we should go home and catch some sleep, though I doubt we’re going to class tomorrow,” he whispered, then looked down at her.  Vida was snuggled into the crook of his shoulder, sound asleep.  Leaning over, Xander grabbed her bag and then centered himself.  “Vanishio!” he called out, sparks of green and pink flaring around him and Vida as they disappeared from the forest.




Nick was aware of the chilling presence that had entered the room, followed by the familiar touch of his mother’s hand on his arm.  “Nick.”


“Hmm?” he asked, opening his eyes to stare up at a haggard looking Udonna.  “What?”


“Xander found her, she’s fine.  He’s taken her to his house for some sleep.”


Nick let out a breath and relaxed before looking down at Maddy’s sleeping form.  “I’ll let her know, have you called Daggeron?”


“I’m going downstairs to do that now, go back to sleep.  I’ve talked to Ella, she says Maddy can stay here and rest, since she’s not going to make them go to school.”


Nick nodded and cuddled close to his sleeping girlfriend while his mother hurried out of the room.  He reached up and gently moved her bangs from her face before leaning forward and pecking a kiss to her forehead.  “Maddy?”


A cute pout made its way onto her face as she began to wake, her soft body automatically stretching against Nick’s hard muscles.  Nick groaned in response, feeling his own body respond to hers.  He and Maddy had always been very careful to steer clear of situations that could end up with them going further than they intended, but for once, Nick’s vaunted self control was spread thin from worrying about the Rocca sisters, and he didn’t care that things could happen that could change their relationship.




“Xander found Vida,” he told her, watching her eyes open and focus on his face.  “He took her back to his house, to sleep.  Your mom said you guys didn’t have to go to school today.”


When he saw the tears, Nick felt his heart start to break.  “Thank God,” she whispered, turning her face into his chest, her arms sliding around his waist.  When her body started to shake, he tightened his grip on her, knowing she needed to feel him, solid and real, to know that everything was okay now.


Unsure of what he could say to make it better, Nick carefully moved a hand up and down her back, hoping it soothed her.  Her face was somber when she looked up at him, tear stains on her face and her eyes bloodshot.  “Feel better?” he softly inquired, watching as she nodded and the beginnings of a smile began to turn the corners of her mouth up.


Neither of them realized what they were doing until their mouths were meeting in kisses far more passionate than they’d ever shared before.  These weren’t just tiny pecks; these were lush, wet, intense kisses that had them angling their heads and pressing their bodies close together.  Hands began to wander where previously they never would have dared.  It wasn’t until one of Nick’s strong, calloused hands cupped Maddy’s breast under her shirt and bra that reality set in.  “Maddy?” Nick’s voice croaked as he ripped his mouth from hers, staring down into the eyes he loved so much; the same eyes that were clouded with an unmistakable passion, not to mention an innocence that sometimes terrified Nick beyond belief.


Madison found herself at a crossroads that every girl in history had found herself at one time or another – to ease back from the edge or to take the plunge.  She bit her lip and stared up into Nick’s light eyes.  She saw the desire in them, the same that always danced on the edge of their time together.  She was innocent, but she was also no dummy.  She knew he wanted her; she’d started to recognize the signs as they got closer and closer.  She could feel the tension in his body as he pulled away from her to give her a little bit of space.  More importantly, she could feel his arousal, as it was, despite his best efforts, snug against her soft stomach.  His sweats didn’t hide much, and she was only dressed in a pair of pajama pants and a tank top, which also didn’t offer much in the way of a barrier between them.


“Nick,” she whispered, longing and a healthy dose of fear in her voice.


“I’m sorry, Maddy, I didn’t mean….” he rambled, only to have her silence him with a fingertip to his lips.


“Do you want this?  Do you want me?”  Her voice was low, and full of desire, and a little apprehension.


“Maddy, I….” he started.


“Yes or no, do you want to have sex with me?” she bluntly asked him.


Nick’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at her use of the word, especially since she was blushing.  Grinning, he leaned forward and kissed her forehead.  “No, Madison, I don’t want to have sex with you.”  He watched her face fall and felt her give a little push on his body, but he only pulled her closer, so that his arousal was pressed tighter against her.  “I want to make love to you, Maddy.” 


Madison sucked in a breath of relief and bit her lip again.  She reached out to touch his face, marveling that with that one simple sentence, she wasn’t the least bit terrified anymore of what was to come.  “Nick.”


Carefully, Nick rolled over on top of her, his arms supporting his body as he towered over her.  Her arms slid up his sides, along his back, and came to a rest on his biceps.  Her legs parted on instinct, her hips cradling his body against hers.  They both realized with a bit of shock how perfectly they fit together, even with all their clothes on.  “Maddy, this isn’t my…” he started, not sure how to tell her that this wasn’t his first time, but by far it was the most special.


“I know,” she responded, watching the worry spread onto his face.  She blushed and leaned up to whisper in his ear.  “I kinda overheard you telling Chip and Xander once.”


Nick let out a laugh and nudged her head back down on the pillow before he leaned down and kissed her soundly.  “I know this is your first time, I promise not to hurt you.”


“Nick, I’ve always known I was safe with you, heart, body and soul,” she murmured.  “Make love to me, please?”


Kisses were shared; soft ones, erotic ones, passionate ones, wet ones.  They kissed until Nick had the urge to move his lips to the column of her throat, where he latched onto the scented, delicate skin.  Instantly, his senses were filled with nothing but the lovely young woman laying under him, the same one who’d become his best friend, the one who’d fought alongside him to save his family and the world, but more importantly, she was the woman who had taken his heart hostage.  His tongue darted out to lightly caress her throat before moving down to her collar bone and the curve of her shoulder.


While Nick was kissing her shoulder, Maddy’s hands ran up and down his sides, griping every so often the muscles as a pleasurable rush hummed through her.  “Too many clothes,” Nick grumbled when his mouth encountered the edges of her tank top.


“Then help me get this off,” Maddy laughed, plucking at her shirt.  Nick backed off slightly, allowing Maddy to sit up, and he pulled her shirt up and off of her.  He sucked in a quick breath when she lay before him, a pretty turquoise blue bra contrasting against her light, smooth skin.  Maddy grinned up at him and tugged on the hem of his own shirt.  “Fair is fair,” she teased.


Nick chuckled and pulled his own tank up and off, tossing it on the floor.  His chuckle turned into a groan when Maddy’s hands reached out and splayed across the rippling muscles and skin of his abdomen, causing certain parts of his body to jump inside of his sweats.  “Maddy,” he groaned, watching her lick her lips as her hands explored the smooth, warm skin.


Looking up through her lashes, Maddy bit her lip and brought her hands up to her bra.  “Help me get this off?” she shyly asked.  Nick swallowed, hard, nodded, and then balanced himself on one hand while the other reached for the fastener of her bra.  His mouth went dry as he popped the tiny plastic piece and the bra dropped away from her, leaving her bared to him.  He stared at her in awe.  Like he’d told her before, this was not his first time, but with her, it was so much more special, and he couldn’t quite put into words how much more special Maddy was compared to the others he was with before.  “Nick, say something,” she almost cried.  He’d gone deathly silent as he’d looked down at her, and it made her wonder if he was disappointed.


“God, Madison,” he whispered, a gentle smile sliding into place.  “You are absolutely perfect.”


Maddy let out a shaky breath and smiled up at him.  Knowing she needed to be reassured, he leaned down and softly kissed her, eliciting a moan from her when he pulled away and drew his lips down her cheek, her throat, across her shoulder, and finally got to her chest.  The former Blue Ranger thought she’d be prepared for what it felt like to have a man touching her breasts the first time, but Nick’s touch and the feelings he set off inside of her blew what she’d dreamed of completely out of the water.  It was like fireworks exploding, first in her breast then her tummy and finally in her core.  She gasped out loud when Nick’s lips finally wrapped around her.  Maddy’s hands slid into Nick’s hair, holding him to her while her hips arched against him.


“NICK!” she cried out, arching her back.  Nick smiled against her and moved to the other side of her chest, granting the other peak the same attention he’d paid to the first.  After a few moments of listening to Maddy’s soft gasps and cries, Nick finally felt the need to explore her more.


“Maddy?” he whispered, leaning up to kiss her between her panting.




“I want…”


She smiled a satisfied smile when she heard the desire that roughened his voice.  Nodding her agreement, she lifted her hips off the bed when Nick climbed off her and slid his fingers into the waistband of her sweats.  Quickly, Nick pulled her sweats and panties off, leaving her completely bare to his eyes.  “Holy shit,” he whispered then chuckled when Maddy blushed.


Reaching out, Maddy ran a finger across the waistband of his sweats, and looked up into his eyes to silently plead with him.  Grinning, Nick took her hands and laid them at his waist, telling her his intent.  Maddy slid to the end of his bed, sat up, and drew the dark red sweats off his hips.  Her eyes widened as she got a good look at him for the first time.  Without thinking, she reached out and touched him.  She heard Nick gasp above her, and looked up to see if he was okay.  His eyes were closed, he was biting his lip and his hands were clenched at his sides.  Maddy wasn’t sure if he was mad or not.  “Nick?”


His eyes opened at her plaintive cry, seeing the worried look on her face.  Steeling himself, Nick reached out and took one of her soft hands and wrapped it around himself.  “Its okay, Maddy,” he choked out.  “I was just sorta surprised.”


“Are all guys this big?” she asked, her hands restarting their caressing motions.


“Uh, Maddy, guys don’t usually go around comparing…” he groaned, finally knowing if he didn’t stop her, he wouldn’t be able to hold back and make this special for her.


Maddy’s head looked up at him when his hands took hold of her wrist.  “Did I…do something wrong?” she asked.


“No,” he heaved a sigh of relief.  “But had you kept going, this would be over much sooner than I had hoped.”


The former Blue Ranger looked surprised by his comment.  “Nick?”


“Hmm?” he asked, reaching out to cup her cheeks.


“I’m ready.”


She opened her eyes to look up at him and saw the worry, love and awe mixed together in his eyes.  “Are you sure?” he asked softly, his lips caressing her shoulder.


“Positive,” she murmured, finally finding the strength to bring her hands up to his sides.  “Nick, please,” she begged, her legs shifting against his and her hips coming up to strain against him.  Nick didn’t say a word; he just gently kissed her before he began to make love to her.




As their bodies came down from the intense highs, the pair began drifting off to sleep.  Nick managed to look over at his alarm clock and saw that it was just after eight.  Carefully, he rolled Maddy off of his chest, making her moan in disappointment, before rolling over to set his alarm for two, so that they could be up before everyone came looking for them and caught them undressed.  Once the alarm was set, Nick rolled over and pulled Maddy into his arms, snuggling her close as they both drifted that final step toward sleep.