Chapter 5: Unexpected Beginnings

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: September 23, 2007


Summary: Now that the battle with the Master is over, Daggeron must find his missing family.  But what if they were right under his nose the entire time?  Shocking revelations come that could split the Mystic Force forever.


Ships: NM, VX, CC, UL, DOC


Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I wish I did.


Dedication: For all the Maddick and Vander fans out there!  Thanks for the support!


AN:  This is the MA version of this chapter.  If you can’t handle reading adult content, then please see the M version.  You have been warned.




Xander sighed happily before he bolted awake, feeling the body pressed close to his own.  He’d never woken to find his dreams had come true before, but one look down at the woman in his arms and he about started laughing with barely restrained joy.  Vida’s dark head was nestled in the crook of his shoulder, her slim body was pressed against his side, and she was sound asleep.  The night before, and his frantic search for her came back to him, causing the ball of fear that had been tight in his stomach to come back with a vengeance.  His poor Vida, she’d been through so much.  He brushed her bangs back from her face before lying back down.  A bright green sheet of paper taped to the lamp next to his bed.  He leaned over, careful not to jar Vida, and snatched it.  It was from his mom, saying that he and Vida were to rest, and that she’d called Ella to let her know Vida was with him.


Sighing, Xander tossed the note on the floor and curled around Vida’s body protectively.  As he fell back asleep, his one wish was that he could keep her from all harm.




He couldn’t help but blink rapidly as he looked up.  He wasn’t in his bedroom anymore, instead, he found himself outside in the forest, with the sun shining overhead and the birds making noise in the trees.  His body felt heavy, like it weighed twice what it should, and he also felt unbelievably content.  When a breeze blew through, he felt a shiver race through him.  Lifting his head, he felt his eyes widen when he looked down and found his body completely devoid of any clothing.  The even bigger shocker was that Vida was lying on top of him, her head on his chest, sound asleep.  “Holy crap.”


Vida picked that to be the time to open her eyes and stare up at him.  “Hi,” she smiled softly, cuddling against him.


“Vida…” he whispered.


“I’m so relaxed,” she told him, yawning.  Xander felt desire spear through him when she began to peck kisses to his chest before pushing herself to sit up over him.  “Someone feels ready for a second go round.”


Xander couldn’t utter another word as she lifted off of him slightly before sinking back down, slowly making love to him.  She was like a goddess above him, her body glowing gold in the sunlight as she rose above him.  Instead of analyzing, he simply enjoyed finally being able to love her openly like he’d always wanted to.


Just as the two neared the moment of no return, Xander was suddenly ripped from the moment.


“OH!” Vida’s voice lifted, full of what sounded like lust.  It didn’t register with Xander’s brain what was happening until he felt his body caught in the unmistakable grip of something warm and strong.  His eyes shot open as he saw Vida above him, like in his dream, only now they were in his room and Vida was gyrating above him, his body locked tight with hers as she sat caught in the throes of what had to be an incredible orgasm from what Xander could tell.


The shock only lasted a few seconds before Xander felt himself hit the edge.  He automatically thrust up into her, his body exploding his own released in the tight confines of hers.  “V!” he cried out, his voice hoarse as his back arched off the bed.


Once the spasms had passed, the two fell to the bed, panting.  Xander stared at the ceiling, wide eyed and in utter shock as his best friend lay naked on top of him, her chest heaving against him.  He didn’t utter a word when, after a few minutes, Vida pushed herself off of him and headed for his bathroom, leaving him to lay on his bed.  ‘What the hell did we do?’ he thought in a daze.  His dream came back to him, making him wonder if he’d done that, or if the sinking feeling in his stomach meant Vida had initiated whatever had just happened.


He heard the shower start up, but Xander found he couldn’t move.  It was finally hitting him that he and Vida had just had sex, and he was clueless as to how it had come about.  “She did not just leave me lying here,” he muttered, finally pushing up from the bed, the one thought running through his mind being what the hell had happened to make her lose what was left of her mind.


Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Vida turned the shower on as hot as she could get it before crawling under the spray.  The shock of waking up with Xander under her, inside of her, was still coursing through her.  Instead of being a good person and getting off the still sleeping Xander, she’d taken advantage of his clueless-ness and had continued to have sex with him.  For a good long moment, she wondered if she’d lost her mind completely.  Part of her had always wanted him, but she’d never done anything about it because of her fear of having her heart broken.  Xander was a ladies man; he had the reputation of dating anything with breasts and hips that swayed.  “Oh God, what did I just do!” she uttered, sticking her head under the warm spray.


She was so lost in her thoughts that she never heard the bathroom door being thrown open or Xander come stalking in, a wild look on his face.  He took exactly two deep breaths before he jerked the shower curtain open, causing Vida to let out a scream.  “What the hell are you doing?” she asked as water dripped in her face.


“What the hell am I doing?  What the hell just happened in there?” he demanded, jerking his thumb toward his bedroom.  “Cause as far as I can tell, you just had sex with me while I was sound asleep!”  Vida just looked at him before she turned around and continued taking a shower.  She figured if she ignored it, ignored him, the whole situation would go away.  “Vida!”


“GO AWAY!” she yelled, pushing him back a good foot before closing the shower curtain.


Stumbling back, Xander clamped his jaw shut and silently, violently counted to ten before he tore the shower curtain open, almost pulling it off the little hooks on the rod.  He glared at her bare back for all of ten seconds before he realized her shoulders were shaking.  Cursing mentally, he stepped into the shower and slid his arms around her, pulling her back into his chest.  He wasn’t the least bit surprised when she turned and laid her head on his shoulder.  “Talk to me, V.”


“I’m sorry.”


Xander bit back the automatic ‘For What?’ and shook his head while he rubbed his hands up and down her back.  “I’m serious, tell me what happened.”


“I took advantage of you being there,” she muttered, figuring there was nothing else to do but to own up to what had happened.  “I’ve had feelings for you for a while, and when I woke up from that dream…I just….I didn’t care anymore.  I couldn’t stop.  I’m so, so sorry.  I never meant to hurt…”


“I’m not going to say I’m not pissed that you did,” he started, watching her head bow in shame.  “Because, honestly, I’d like a little more control when I’m making love with someone, particularly in me being aware that it’s happening.  However,” he spoke, reaching out and lifting her chin with one of his fingers.  “Considering the newly mentioned feelings, I’m not going to hold it against you.  Seriously, what man in his right mind wouldn’t mind waking up to the snug confines of a sexy woman’s body?  I sure as hell don’t, not in the grand scheme of things.”


Vida swallowed hard, disbelieving that he’d accept her apology so casually after the absolute lack of respect she’d shown him.  “I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you.”


“No, you shouldn’t have, at least not with me dead asleep.  How exactly, might I ask, are you going to make up for that?” he asked her, his voice barely a whisper.


“I can’t,” she told him.  “I don’t think there’s a way to make up for what I just did.”


“How wrong you are,” he whispered, leaning down so that their faces were mere centimeters apart.  “How about we finish this shower, go back into my room, and you can make it up to me by making love to me, fully awake this time?”


Vida’s eyes grew round with disbelief.  “What?”


“You heard me, I’m not about to repeat myself,” he started, pulling back from her before reaching around her to grab the wash cloth he kept on the metal shower basket on the wall.


“Xander, you can’t be serious,” she muttered.


He leisurely soaped her arms, chest and neck before running the cloth under the water and bringing it back to rinse her off.  “I’m completely serious, why wouldn’t I be?” he nonchalantly asked.


“Xander, I’m not joking, so quit kidding around with me.  You can’t be serious about wanting to have sex with me,” she growled.


“I never said a word about sex,” he reminded her.  “I believe I mentioned you making love to me, with me completely awake.  And why in the hell wouldn’t I want that?”


Vida just stared up at him.  “Because we’re best friends, and it should have never happened.  I had a moment of weakness.”


“No, it wasn’t a moment of weakness, it was you finally giving me the one thing I’ve always wanted,” he grinned at her triumphantly.


The Pink Ranger looked confused.  “Huh?”


“You have feelings for me, you said so yourself.  That little incident this morning proved those feelings are far more than platonic.  As it just so happens,” he told her, looking smug as hell, which confused her even more.  “I happen to share those, definitely non-platonic feelings with you.  Waking up, with your body wrapped around mine, was not only mind blowing it was a long held dream come true, thank you very much.”


Vida shook her head, trying to clear away the confusion and disbelief.  “I…I just…I really don’t get you this morning,” she uttered.  “I took unbelievable, unthinkable advantage of you while you were asleep, and you’re standing here telling me you’re not in the slightest bit mad at me for doing it, and that you in fact have feelings for me.”


Xander’s grin was a slow, easy one that suited his mood.  “Oh, I’m pretty mad at you for it, and eventually, I will get my revenge.  However, I’m more than capable of looking past that, as you’ve just told me you have feelings for me, feelings I happen to return.  Considering the stress you’ve been under lately, I’m honestly not surprised this didn’t happen sooner.”


“You seriously want to make love to me?” she asked, trying to clarify his intentions.


“No,” he told her, watching her eyebrow shoot up.  “I want you to make it up to me and make love to me, only this time I think it might be better if we at least used protection.”


Vida’s eyes went huge at the sudden implications of his comment.  “OH SHIT!”




She leaned against him, wrapping her arms around his waist.  Solid, dependable, always there when you need me Xander had feelings for her, the same kinds of feelings she’d been hiding from him for months.  And, damn her desire to lose herself in a distraction from the rest of the world, she may have already damned them both with something that had far reaching consequences.  “Oh, God, I’m so sorry.”


Xander shook his head and tipped her chin up again.  “If there are consequences, we’ll meet them.  It’s not like we don’t have jobs.”


“We don’t need to be bringing a baby into this world when we don’t even know if we’re going to make this odd ass relationship work,” she told him, stating their being together as if it were a forgone conclusion.  Xander could just smile at that.  He wanted her, and apparently, she wanted him just as much, which, really, worked for him on so many levels.  Besides, he still had to get her back for the morning’s surprise attack.


“V, it’s going to be okay, I promise.”


She just shook her head.  “I hope you’re right.”


“Good, now, are you ready to get out and have your way with me?” he teased.  “Because, seriously, I need you, like right now.”


His comments warmed her heart, even as his body pressed close to hers, his arousal proving just how much he needed and wanted her.  “Well gee, since I caused that, it might be best if I took care of it,” she murmured, standing on tip toes to do the one thing she’d never done.  Reaching behind his head, she pulled him down so that their lips met.  It was like fireworks on the Fourth of July exploding inside of her the instant that their mouths met.  “Just so you know if I even see you flirting with another girl, not only will I kill her, I’ll dismember your body and hide it where no one will find it.  Understood?”


Xander tried not to laugh as he nodded his head in agreement.  Quietly, they stepped from the shower, dried off and then made their way back to his room.  When they were standing next to his bed, Vida felt the ball of nerves in her stomach freeze her every movement so that she was standing there staring at him standing by his bed.  Both of them were completely naked, still a little wet from the shower, and she had no idea what to do, at least what to do with him.  She was not new to physical relationships, neither was Xander, but she was new to this, whatever this was.  With Xander, everything was going to be different; she knew that without a doubt.  There was so much more at stake this time around.


“You can’t tell me you don’t know what to do,” he teased, then quieted, seeing the look on her face and in her eyes.


“Everything’s changing so fast,” she whispered.  “Not just us, but everything.”


As if sensing that she was struggling to get her equilibrium back, Xander reached out and took her hand with one of his before tipping her chin up with the other.  “V, everything’s supposed to change, it’s how the world keeps going around, and it’s why we spent a year of our lives fighting a battle not of our making.”


“I don’t want to lose you if this doesn’t work out,” she breathed, revealing a side of herself he had never ever seen.  Vulnerability in the deepest sense of the word.


“The only way you’re going to lose me is if you straight up tell me you don’t want me anymore,” he told her softly, his sincerity showing in his eyes.  “As long as you want me, I’m here, and I’m going to work damn hard to make you love me.”


Vida laughed then, blinking away the two tears in her eyes.  “I already do,” she whispered her confession, watching his face soften at her words.


With a tug on her hand, Vida found herself being pulled into his arms, their bodies pressed close together as his head descended down, and their lips locking together.  Whatever nervousness she felt, it slipped away with the gentle sensation of Xander’s lips caressing her own.  She moaned softly against him, before bringing her arms up to wrap around his neck to take care of the height difference.  When they pulled apart, both of them were breathing harshly and Xander was grinning.  “V?”


“Not fair, I thought I was in charge of this,” she muttered at him, watching the smile on his face increase.


Carefully stepping back, he brought his arms to his sides and grinned.  “By all means, have at it.”


One of Vida’s eyebrows rose as she stared at him.  With a slow, wicked grin, she reached out and tugged on his arm, maneuvering him onto the bed.  Before he could protest, she was crawling up on it with him, carefully sliding her legs over his hips before settling down on his lap, his erection pressed against her center.


“Jesus V!” he gasped.


“You did lock your bedroom door, right?” she huskily asked, pressing her palms to his chest.


Swallowing hard, Xander reached for his wand, which was resting on the bed side table and flicked it at the door, quickly and mentally saying a spell that would bar anyone, magic or otherwise, from opening the door.  “Done.”


“I’m impressed that you managed to do that, considering the distraction,” she lazily told him, leaning down so that her breasts swayed dangerously close to his face.  “But the question is, will it hold?”


“It damn well better hold,” he uttered, his hands smoothing up her toned thighs to her waist, and from her waist up her back.


With a sexy grin aimed at him, Vida carefully leaned down so that they were chest to chest, and began pecking wet, lush kisses to the side of his neck, his cheeks, his collar bone, before she nipped at the shells of his ears and then moved to kiss his mouth.  She found it was so easy to get lost in the fiery kisses that seemed to come out of no where.  With a sense of loss, she pulled back from him, listening to him groan in the process.  “Are you sure you’re ready for this?  I mean, I’m not exactly an amateur,” she teased.


Xander gave her a look that made her chuckle.  He decided then and there that while he wasn’t her first, he was damn well going to be her last.  “I’m aware of that, but I’m damn well going to be your last,” he growled, thrusting his hips up against her, causing her to cry out in surprise.


“No fair,” she muttered, then began to slither down his body, planting kisses along his sternum while she held his arms down with her hands.  “No grabbing for me till I tell you it’s okay,” she breathed, leaving a trail of wet kisses down his stomach, which caused him to groan.


She knew he was watching her, surprised that she was traveling a path down his body he hadn’t expected out of her.  He was about to utter something about how she really didn’t need to do what she was doing when her hand suddenly closed around his aching member and began to rhythmically squeeze in time with the blood pounding in his veins. 


“V,” he groaned, his hips snapping up toward her.


“Alright already, I get the point,” she laughed, straddling his legs, her hands working together to caress him.  She sent him a wicked grin that had him opening his mouth to say something, only to have his eyes widened when she leaned down and wrapped her mouth around him, taking his length in one go.


“SHIT!” he gasped, his head falling back.  “VIDA!”


He heard an erotic pop as her mouth left him and she looked up at him.  “You know, get a little louder, I’m not sure your mother heard you,” she teased before she bent back over him and began treat his hardness like a lollipop.


“Mom’s…at…work…so…is…DAD!” he gasped out, his fingers clenching the sheets, trying to abide by the fact that she hadn’t told him he could touch her, not that he could reach her at this point anyway.


“Oh, that’s good.  I hope the neighbors can’t hear through walls,” she giggled around his cock, the vibration causing him to moan.


The slurping sounds and the heat of her mouth continued to wreck havoc on his senses until he felt the burning at the base of his spine.  He tried to warn her that he was about to come but she either couldn’t hear him or was ignoring him.  “V!” he cried out hoarsely, his body convulsing in several sharp spasms.  His back arched off the bed before flopping back down and all through it, Vida never let up until he lay on the bed shuddering, his body spent.


Because his eyes were closed, Xander never saw her lick her lips nor did he see the giant smile on her face.  He almost forgot she was still even in the room until she crawled up and laid her body over his.  “Are you still alive?” she teased gently, pecking kisses to his neck, occasionally stopping to suck the salty skin she found there.


“You killed me,” he muttered, his breathing still coming in gasps.  “You truly, madly, deeply killed me there, V.”




They lay there quietly for a few moments before Xander’s fingers gently began to move up and down her arm before coming up to tip her chin up so he could nuzzle her neck with his lips.  Vida let out an appreciative purr at the feeling of his lips on her skin before she shifted so that her body was pressed to his, her fingers coming to vice on his bicep.  Each time he nipped at her neck or sucked a particularly sensitive patch of skin, her fingers were rhythmically squeeze his muscle, telling him he’d hit the perfect spot.


Vida had no time to protest as Xander managed to flip her over onto her back, his body snug between her hips, his lips feasting on the soft flesh of her neck before they seared a path to her collar bone.  The roles had suddenly reversed.  “Xander,” she pouted, her back arching as he skimmed close to her breasts but never actually touched them.  “I thought I was in charge here?”


“I changed my mind,” he grinned up at her, seeing her eyes clouded with desire and the intense urge for him to touch her.  “Just hush and let me love you.”


He could see her warring with herself about giving over the reigns he’d handed her, but when his tongue lashed across the hardened tip of her nipple, he watched all coherent thought vanish.  Smiling, he redirected his attention to the beautiful flesh before him, his eyes feasting alongside his mouth, which inhaled the tasty flesh, his tongue swirling around the tip.


Vida gasped loudly, her hands flying up to his head where her fingers twined into the strands of his hair while she held him close to her chest.  The sounds of his nursing at her breast were both erotic and strangely calming at times.  Her back arched into him even as her legs slid up to wrap around his waist, the sensations he was causing drowning out everything else.  There was no world for her outside of the bed they were laying in or the way Xander’s lips and tongue were torturing her highly sensitive breasts.


“Xander!  Please!” she mewed softly, the ache between her thighs finally turning into a searing fire that was causing her to lose what was left of her already shredded mind.


He didn’t respond, he simply mapped a path down her body, just as she had done to him, with his lips and hands, seeking to push her to her limits.  When he got to her belly button, he sent her a smirk and dipped his tongue in, playing with the tiny space.  She squirmed beneath him and shot him a glare that had him chuckling and moving on.  His smile grew wicked when she gasped, obviously feeling his hot, moist breath hovering over the most intimate part of her body.  “Feel free to scream, love,” he told her, seconds before his mouth connected with her body in what she could only remotely describe as the most sensual open mouth kiss she’d ever had.


“SHIT!” she screamed the second his agile tongue darted through the fleshy lips of her sex and buried itself in the pulsing walls of her womanhood.


Xander smirked against her and slid his hands down underneath the firm flesh of her ass, holding her to his mouth even as her hips bucked against his invasion.  The sound of her rapidly deepening voice, which was announcing her absolute appreciation for what he was doing, caused his own arousal to start hardening again.  Turning his attention back to the task at hand, Xander pulled back and then darted his tongue forward, using it to stab at her sensitive clit, causing her to thrash and gasp in surprise.  He carefully swirled his tongue around it, experimenting with different ways to tease and torment her.  He loved the warmth that pulsed around him, the taste of her natural fluids as they slowly touched the tip of his tongue, but most of all, the sight of her withering against the bed, her breasts thrust upward while her worked her like a finely tune instrument made his heart soar to new heights.  He was doing this to her; he was the reason she was barely hanging onto the last slips of her sanity while her body worked itself, with minimal help from him, toward that ultimate peak.


When he felt the tightening of her muscles and the erratic movement of her hips, he turned his attention solely to her clit, sucking it between his lips and rubbing the flat of his tongue against it.  Her voice hit a new pitch as she screamed, her hips jerking against his face while her hands pushed him closer to her body.  Her inner muscles contracted in one long, glorious spasm, which he smiled at, feeling prouder of himself than he’d ever been.  He’d done that to her, he’d made her come so hard she was gasping for air and twitching uncontrollably.


While she flopped back on the bed, trying to regain a steady breathing pattern, he carefully pulled back and then began licking her, hoping to help ease her body back down from the high it had just hit.  When he felt her pushing on his forehead slightly, he took that as the signal that she’d had more than enough.  Reaching up, he wiped her honey from his face and crawled back up on the bed with her.  “V?” he whispered quietly, stretching out next to her, his cock jumping as it brushed against her hip.  He groaned softly when she turned her body toward him, so that they were laying face to face, and he felt his desire brush against the soft curls at the apex of her thighs.  “You okay love?”


“I seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack,” she uttered against his chest, causing him to chuckle.  “God, part of me wants to thank the girl who taught you that and part of me wants to find her and kick her ass.”


Xander just grinned into her hair, his arms wrapped around her, holding her to him.  “Happy to oblige,” he teased.  “And please, let’s not talk about where I learned that, because honestly, I’m not really sure where it came from.”


They laid there quietly for a few moments, fingers rubbing and caressing any patch of skin they could reach, the desire to be together again building.  Xander suddenly had the urge to find out what it was like to be buried so deep inside of her that he thought he’d choke while she came around his cock.  With a deliberate nudge, he pushed her onto her back and leaned across her, reaching for the top drawer of his nightstand.  Vida was about to question him when she realized what he was reaching for.  “Oh yeah, definitely don’t need to go the unsafe route again,” she whispered as he grinned, before leaning down to kiss her softly.


With his prize in hand, Xander sat up quickly, using his teeth to tear the foil package open.  He was about to tug the latex free when Vida’s nimble fingers snatched it away from him.  The look she shot him had him laying back on the bed while she got on her knees, leaning over him.  With a sexy grin, she reached out and took his throbbing cock in her hands, her grip tightening and then releasing, her goal to push him toward the edge while causing his length to harden even further.


“V!” his strangled cry told her that playtime was over.  With experienced fingers, she took the latex condom and rolled it down over him, making sure it was snuggly in place before she threw her leg over his, straddling his muscular thighs.  With a grin, she gently gripped him again, noting the groan of appreciation that he let out at the contact.  The simple fact that he was enjoying this as much as she was, that he was more than ready for this, pushed her to finally complete their joining, both of them ready and willing this time.  With a shift of her hips, she rose up over him, then slowly sank down on his solid length, her eyes rolling back as he filled her.  She’d been with others before, but none had filled her body, or her heart, as completely as Xander did.  She paused for several moments, her chest heaving as she struggled to not move, wanting to enjoy this moment of clarity.  Slowly, she opened her eyes and stared down at him, watching him watch her, and saw in his eyes the same emotion she was feeling; this felt like home.


“Vida, for the love of God!” Xander choked, his hands sliding to her hips, his fingers digging into her skin.  “I’m begging you, move, please!”


His words shook her back to reality, causing her to look down at him.  Without a word, she snapped her hips up and away from him before impaling herself again, this time just as slowly as the first, making sure that she squeezed her inner muscles every inch of the way down.  Xander’s hands shook and his eyes began to roll back as her body enveloped his in its tight, slick depths.  Vida continued the pattern a few more times, making sure that she twisted her body just right on each downward thrust, causing him to bit his lip to keep from yelling out at the pleasure.


Finally having had enough of her teasing, Xander swiftly rolled them over on the bed.  Vida let out a squeak of surprise which turned into a passionate moan that swelled as Xander plunged forward, imbedding himself in her body before he withdrew and repeated the process.  “Love you,” Vida panted, her hands sliding up his sides, her fingers digging into the skin covering his ribs.


“Love you,” he breathed, thrusting a little bit harder and a little bit faster, his body feeling like it had been set on fire by the maelstrom of feelings overtaking him.


Their bodies continued to pump off heat as their skin slicked, hips meeting in a rhythm that had gone from loving to frantic before either of them could comprehend it.  Xander’s lips found her neck and breasts, his sucking almost leaving marks on her delicate skin with the force of his desire, one that matched the wild pumping of their hips.  Vida’s voice came out in moans and squeaks of pleasure every time he bottomed out in her tight, slick wetness.  The feel of his body cradled by her soft thighs was almost enough to send him over the edge, but he wanted nothing more than to watch her in the throes of an orgasm while he was still rock hard and seated inside of her.


“Xander!” Vida cried out, her legs coming up to vice around his hips while her own hips arched off the bed in her attempt to trap him inside of her.


The former Green Ranger continued to thrust his rigid erection into her body, feeling her muscles clamp down on him, not wanting him to leave and hoping to milk his own orgasm right from his body.  What neither of them noticed was that during their panting, their teasing, or the absolute freedom they’d given to each other, they had begun to float, literally, off Xander’s bed.


“V, so close,” Xander grunted, shifting his hips into her at an even faster pace than before.  She was so close he could all but feel her orgasm building, but the swelling of his cock told him he was going to come before her if they kept this up.  An idea sprung into his head, causing him to grin wickedly.  Before Vida could protest, she felt a firm, circular caress being applied to her clit.  Opening her eyes, she looked down their bodies and found Xander’s hand between them, his fingers sliding against her honey-soaked opening, the skilled digits caressing her pearl.


It only took several firm passes over her clit before he had her body convulsing, her muscles clamping down on his erection as her body hit the pinnacle of pleasure and dove off the bottomless edge.  He blinked in surprise, watching her body suddenly light up with the signature pink of her power.  He didn’t have time to analyze as his own body suddenly coiled in response, his back going rigid as he shot spurt after spurt of his passion into the condom he wore, all the while Vida’s body still locked in her own orgasm.  “Xander?” she panted softly, pulling him down to her so that she could kiss his collar bone.


“Damn V,” he moaned into her neck, his body suddenly giving into exhaustion.


“Xander?” she spoke, her voice filled with confusion.




“Why the can I see the speckles of plaster on your ceiling?”


In confusion, Xander moved to lean back and let out a cry of surprise.  “SHIT!”


Vida, alarmed by his alarmed tone, looked over the edge of what she thought was the bed, only to find herself several feet in the air.  “What the hell!”


At her indignant tone, Xander started laughing and wrapped his arms around her.  “Talk about losing control of your powers,” he tittered at her.  “I’m so happy to oblige you, love.”


“Xander, this isn’t funny!” she squeaked, then let out a startled yelp as they fell to the bed.  Luckily, Xander had been half way expecting that to happen and managed to roll them at the last second, so that she came crashing down on his chest.  “Are you okay?”  He could only nod, having had the air knocked out of him.  “Serves you right for teasing me,” she mumbled, before something near the window caught her eye.  Turning her head, she stared over at Xander’s horticulture project and gasped.




Snickering, Vida pointed her hand in the direction of the once pretty plant.  “Seems I’m not the only one who lost control over their powers.”


Turning his head, Xander let out a startled cry when he saw that his bonsai tree had all but exploded to life, now nearly eight times its normal size.  “HOLY SHIT!  How am I going to explain that to my parents!” he moaned in disbelief.


Vida didn’t answer him, she simply fell down on his chest, laughing.



Daggeron’s expression gave nothing of what he was feeling away as he stomped onto the porch of the Rocca household.  Both Maddy and Vida were safe, which took a great deal off his shoulders, but he was bound and determined to speak with Alexander Rocca for what he’d said and did to his daughters.  Daggeron respected the man for taking on two children who were not his own and loving them as best as he could, but to simply treat them the way he had once they’d found their father was unforgivable.  Reigning in the anger that loomed under the surface, Daggeron stopped at the door and rang the doorbell.


A few seconds passed before the door slowly opened, revealing a disheveled looked Ella, who gasped in shock at seeing Daggeron.  “What are you doing here?”


“I want to speak to your husband,” he told her, his temper barely held in check.  “He and I have a few things to discuss.”


Daggeron, now isn’t a good time,” she started, then gasped when sparks started around his clenched hands.


“Go get him, Elektra.  I have things to say to him, and they will not wait.”


Swallowing, she nodded and shut the door behind her.  He could hear her in the room just beyond the door, speaking to someone, before footsteps followed and Alexander opened the door.  Daggeron’s teeth ground together as he stared at the unshaven, worn looking man who had raised his daughters.  “What can I do for you?” Alex asked.


“First of all, you can explain to me why I’ve just spent the better part of the night searching for my runaway daughter?  Then you can explain to me what in the Gods’ names has gotten into that head of yours that you could say such things to two young women who love you so much that choosing between us is practically tearing them apart.  And then we’re going to move onto the fact that I ought to be beating you to a bloody pulp, as Chip so eloquently put it this morning.  So, you pick where you want to start.”


Alex paled as Daggeron’s anger lashed out at him.  “I have no excuse.”


“You’re right, you don’t, but I want to hear one anyway,” Daggeron told him.  “Madison and Vida are torn up about this, and both of them are lashing out in the only way they know how.  Do you have any idea how hard it is for them to be dealing with this?  Trust me when I say it’s far worse than how you’re feeling.  They feel like they’re betraying you, the man who was supposed to love them, who raised them as his own, if they choose me and if they choose you, they feel like they’re betraying the man they are only now learning is their father, but has been mentor, counselor and friend to them for the better part of a year.”


“As I said, I have no excuse,” Alex muttered.  “Other than to say I felt like I was losing my girls, my babies,” he choked, moving to sit on the porch swing.  “You’re right, I’ve raised them as my own, loved them as if they were truly mine, but it’s always been there, in the back of mine and Ella’s minds, the memory of a man neither of us knew, who they belonged to.  You can’t know how many nights I sat and watched them sleep; how many nights I prayed you’d never come for them.  It got easier as the years went by, as Ella’s already shattered memories faded, until there was only our family, but still, always, were lingering thoughts of ‘What if he comes for them’.  I knew it wasn’t just the girls I’d lose, it was Ella too.”


Daggeron’s anger all but disappeared at the emotionally charged words Alexander was giving him.  Still, he pressed on, hoping to make Alexander see that there was room for them both in the girls’ lives.  “So you were scared, does that give you the right to hurt them so needlessly?  They were the innocent victims in this, they didn’t deserve to have their family ripped from them before they were even born, nor did they deserve to have your hatred and fear of me clouding your judgment where they are concerned.”


“I know I was wrong, and if, God willing, they give me a chance, I will make it up to them,” Alex vowed.


“Then start by accepting that they love us both,” Daggeron told him.  “I’ve come to know them well in the last year, neither will forgive easily, nor will they ever forget; you damaged your relationship with them, and it will never be quite the same.  Maddy will forgive you sooner; she has the ability to see past things much more clearly than Vida.  Your greatest challenge will be in getting Vida to forgive you, but know this, you may need to prepare for the fact that she may never completely forgive you.”


“Are they alright?”


The Solaris Knight nodded.  “Vida is over at the Bly household with Xander, and Madison is at Rootcore with Nick.  They’re fine, physically.  Mentally and emotionally, it may be some time before they are.”


Alex nodded, knowing he spoke the truth.  “Ella and I have decided if they wish to move in with you, until we can come to a truce, then so be it.”


“That’s up to them; don’t be surprised if they jump at the chance.  I have to get back, give my regards to Ella,” Daggeron spoke, turning for the stairs.


“Can I ask you something?” Alex called out, causing Daggeron to turn back toward him.  “Why haven’t you pushed her?  You have every reason to want her back.”


Daggeron’s eyes were full of so much sadness that it stole Alex’s breath.  “Neither of us are as we remember the other,” he spoke softly.  “She has a new life, a family, children and a husband who need her, and I am more changed than I care to admit after the battle with the Master and my imprisonment.  It would do no good to push, when I know we cannot go back to how we were.  I will always love her, love the time I had with her, and cherish the memories of that time.  She has given me two miracles that I not only love and cherish, but admire and respect, and for that, the least I can do is leave her be.”


“You don’t give her enough credit.”


“I know she will love me, always, especially now that she has her memories back, but as I said, you cannot change what is, or how we are now.  I’ll be in touch.”  That said, Daggeron strolled away, leaving Alexander to stare at his retreating back.




Daggeron stood on the ridge looking down over the ruins of the castle he’d once called home.  So much had changed since he’d last walked those halls; so much that made him feel so very old.  Closing his eyes, memories washed over him, leaving him with a sense of loss so profound, it nearly toppled him.  It was, however, the overwhelming sense of joy and relief he felt from whomever was approaching, that brought him back to the here and now.  As he’d told Alexander a few days before, the past was the past, and there was no sense in him trying to live within it.  Opening his eyes, he smiled.  He could feel the change in the wind and smell the faint saltiness of the sea; it could mean only one thing – his daughters had come to join him on his trip down memory lane.


Two small, delicate hands found their ways into his as the girls stepped up on either side of him.  Carefully releasing them, he reached his arms out to wrap around their shoulders, drawing them against his sides.  “Udonna said we’d find you here,” Vida spoke up first, leaning her head against his shoulder.


“Are you alright?” Madison’s question was whispered as she burrowed into his side.


He could do nothing but smile as he held them tight.  He wasn’t alright, nor would he be for a very long time, but the two graceful, intelligent, beautiful, and loving young women now holding onto him would go a long way to helping him down that path of healing.  “I’ll be fine,” he whispered, pecking a soft kiss to both their heads.


“Dad, you’re a bad liar,” Vida pointed out, poking him in the side.


Love and pride and hope soared through every fiber of his being at that simple name she called him.  In the days since his talk with Alexander, Vida had taken to calling him dad a lot easier than Maddy had, not that he was upset with his youngest.  Madison’s heart was simply still too torn to change as rapidly as her sister, which was fine with him.  He noticed more and more that she was starting to accept that he was not just friend and mentor, but father now as well.


“Yes, well, I’ve never had a need for lying before,” he teased.  “How about the two of you?”


“We’re dealing,” Maddy whispered, looking up at him from her place on his shoulder.  “It’s never going to be the way it was, and we have to accept that, but it’s not as bad as it may have seemed in the beginning.”


“Have you decided what you’re going to do now that you’re going to be graduating in a few months?”


“Get apartments?  Move as far away from Mom and Alex as possible,” Vida muttered, only to receive a stern look from her father and a disapproving look from her sister.  “What?”


“We talked about this, didn’t we?” Madison growled.  “You’re not being fair, to either of them.”


The Pink Ranger huffed at the hurt coming from her twin.  “I can’t help it.”


“Well try,” Maddy snapped.  “It’s not been easy on them either, or Dad for that matter.  You just snipping about it every time it’s brought up isn’t going to help matters.”


Daggeron just smiled at his daughters as they continued to argue while the trio headed back towards the path leading to Rootcore.  It was going to prove to be an interesting next few months, but then, given everything that had already happened, he wouldn’t change any of it for the world.