Prologue: Shocking Revelations

By: Pink-Green-White-4ever

Last Revised: March 19, 2007


Summary: Now that the battle with the Master is over, Daggeron must find his missing family.  But what if they were right under his nose the entire time?  Shocking revelations come that could split the Mystic Force forever.

Rated: T for now

Ships: NM,VX, CC, UL, DOC


Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I wish I did.


Dedication: To Angel and Enigmaforum, my Maddick and Vander fans.  You two inspired this story, thank you so much for being my cheerleaders!


AN: So yeah, I finally started my first full-fledged Mystic Force story….I didn’t think this would ever happen.  This idea is original, at least I think so.  I haven’t seen anyone else do it, so *crosses fingers* 




The morning started like any other Saturday in the Rocca household had since the defeat of the Master and the retirement of the Mystic Force Rangers.  Madison was up with the sun to shower, and after a tug-a-war with Vida’s blankets to get the former Pink Ranger out of bed, Madison bounced downstairs to make breakfast.  Once both of them were dressed in relatively warm clothes, and had eaten, they took Vida’s truck to Chip’s to grab the boys and head to The Rock Porium, where they’d leave the truck and use the trees to head to Rootcore for their morning training with Daggeron, and the newly returned Lianbow and Nick.


“You know, why is it we’re running around the woods at seven in the morning in the bitter cold of March?” Xander complained as the five former Rangers took a break to catch their breaths.  Each week, Daggeron had increased their running trail by a half mile, so that they were currently running three miles, and all of them were tired.  Nick leaned against a tree, Madison standing next to him with her head on his shoulder.  Chip was bent over at the waist, his hands on his knees as his chest heaved in an attempt to calm his breathing.  Vida leaned against a fallen tree, trying to crack her neck while Xander stood in front of them with his arms spread wide, the gesturing accompanying his words.


“If you think so lightly of the run, Xander, you can repeat it again this afternoon,” Daggeron’s voice echoed through the trees.  The five Rangers straightened and began looking around.  Normally when their mentor popped up like this, it meant it was time for their hand to hand combat training.  “You have a third of a mile left, I suggest you hurry up.”


Taking in a deep breath, Chip, Nick and Madison began to run, while Vida rolled her eyes and glared at Xander.  “Way to go, Xander the Great.  We’re probably going to get extra punishment now.”  Xander just stared at Vida’s back as she took off after the others, before he followed a few seconds later.


Once the team had returned to Rootcore, Vida, Xander and Chip headed off back to The Rock Porium for their afternoon shifts while Madison headed to the library to catch up on some spell training with Clare.  After a quick shower, Nick found himself wandering around, and happened across his parents and Daggeron in the main room standing by the Xenotome.


“Daggeron, are you sure this is a wise decision?” Lianbow asked the pacing knight.


“I’ve wanted to look for her since Madison freed me, but because of the battles and the threat of the Master, I didn’t dare search her out,” Daggeron told them.  “I need to find her, find out what happened to her.”


“Daggeron,” Udonna spoke softly, moving lay a delicate hand over his heart.  “You do realize any number of things could have happened by now, don’t you?”


“Yes, I do, but I need to know, even if it’s just for closure.”


Lianbow walked to them and put his hand on Daggeron’s shoulder.  “Then you’ve got our full support, and all our resources are at your disposal.”


The Solaris Knight smiled his thanks.  “I’m going to leave immediately, please tell the Rangers I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


“We will,” Udonna told him.  “Do you want us to tell them why you’ve gone?”


“I’ll explain to them the story about Elektra when I return with some more news.”  That said, Daggeron hugged them both and turned to leave.


“Lianbow, what are you thoughts on this?” Udonna asked, turning to her husband.


“I can understand where he’s coming from,” he said, pulling his wife into his arms.  “It’s the same as us – he’s searching for his other half, for his wife, and he’s not going to stop until he finds out what happened to her.  The same as we did with each other, and Nick.”


Standing out of sight, Nick let his jaw drop when he heard his father say wife.  ‘Daggeron was married?’ he asked himself, before turning and heading for the library to get Madison.




“Are you serious?” Vida questioned as Nick stood near the cash register relating the situation to the others.


“I’m dead serious,” Nick told them.  “My dad is probably going to take over our training until Daggeron gets back.”


Madison let out an indefinable sound.  “Shouldn’t we be doing something?  I mean, we can help, right?  There has to be something we can do.”


The others looked just as annoyed at being helpless as the former Blue Ranger did.  “Until we find out more about Daggeron’s wife, we don’t have much to go on,” Chip commented.


“I’ve got an idea,” Vida spoke up, a smirk sliding onto her face and her eyebrows wiggling.  “Who knows what went on then that could tell us about her without telling us to mind our own business?”


Her four teammates stood there staring at her, shrugging.  A noise broke them from their silence, the team turning to see the door to the store opening and Leelee and Phineas coming in together.  Smiles broke out on the faces of the five, with Xander, Chip, Madison and Nick calling out, “PHINEAS!”


Vida just smiled and nodded, the five moving to pounce on their Troblin friend.  “Hey Phineas, we’ve got something we need to ask you,” Vida started.




“So let me get this straight, you want me, Troblin extraordinaire and the guy who was around during the Great War, to tell you what happened to Elektra, Daggeron’s wife?” Phineas started as the group of six sat at a table at an outdoor café down the street from the record shop.


“Yes,” Vida responded.


“Well, gee, I don’t know if I remember an Elektra, to tell you the truth,” he started, rubbing a hand over his chin.  “That’s nearly twenty years ago, a lot has happened since then.”


Xander and Vida rolled their eyes, while Nick glared, Madison gave him an encouraging smile and Chip wrinkled his nose.  “You knew about Daggeron’s fight with Calindor and that the baby you brought here was Bowen, why can’t you remember about Daggeron’s wife?” Chip asked.


Phineas looked sheepish as he stared at the Rangers.  “I sorta remember a woman,” he told them.  “She was okay looking, if you ask me.  Really long black hair, always wore it in a braid.  She had these gray-black eyes, was fairly tanned, slender, probably a little taller than Vida and Madison.  She was a healer and a fighter, and some said she was a barb or musician, a storyteller if you will.”


“What happened to her?” Xander prodded.


Phineas shrugged.  “Last I heard, Calindor tried to capture her, turn her against the Mystics so he could render Daggeron useless, but she disappeared during the final battle.”  Phineas said it so matter-of-factly that the Rangers could only stare at him like he’d gone crazy.  “What?  I told you I didn’t remember much, geez.”


“Okay, so we have some more to go on,” Nick started.  “What do we do?”


Madison looked thoughtful.  “How about heading to some of the villages around Rootcore?” she asked.  “I mean, we’ve got her name, and what she did, and the fact that she’s Daggeron’s wife.  The villagers have to know something, right?”


“I want to pose a question,” Xander butted in.  When the others turned to look at him, he started again.  “What if something like what happened to Nick happened to her?  What if she’s here in the human realm?”